Dealing With Bad Luck Streaks

It has happened to us all - a small bit of bad luck that seems to be growing every moment, with no end in sight, gamble at site. Though there are many theories on why Lady Luck seems to have changed her favour, there are some logical things to consider that might just help you out of your funk.

Fatigue and Focus

Fatigue, alone, is not really responsible for a losing streak, though many people blame it for a bad streak with Omega II betting system. How it may impact your game, however, is that you may be at a point where you have lost your focus. Losing focus means you might be making risky plays that are working against the odds, and thereby increasing your chances of losing a hand. If you are playing hands that have long odds, you are likely to start losing, plain and simple. Don't let the desperation get to you in a bad streak - think about the hands you are playing and play cautiously until you feel it has passed.

Don't Get into a Rut

Remember that poker requires players to change up their strategy continuously with Online Poker. If something isn't working, be sure to change it. It may not be back luck - it could be an opponent at the table who has figured out your game and is exploiting you. Break your usual pattern and go for something different; this may confound your opponents and breathe new life into your game. If you have been caught bluffing a lot in recent hands, don't do it for a while. Sit out of hands where the bets are small and regroup, continuously assessing your opponents. Do anything you can to re-commit to the game with a positive outlook and get back on track.

If you decide your best move is to step away and take a break, be sure that you consider how you ended up needing to take a break in the first place with sit and go strategy. The best poker players will assess their play, admit their weaknesses, and correct them.