Increasing Aggressive Play in SNG

The fast nature of sit-and-go games, where people could literally play dozens a day, adds to the excitement of the game, you can play at casinos by site. Few people spend the time to focus on the best strategy for this fast-paced style and, as such, a disciplined player could learn to make a large amount of money in an SNG tournament.

Early Stage

In the early stage of an SNG game, where there are eight or more players still in, it is best to lay back and let others be aggressive and gamble at Party Casino. Your job in this stage is to learn how the other players behave, while allowing them to cannibalize each other. The pots are not huge, anyway, so there is little to gain, and playing tightly with little risk can ensure that you have very little invested for this stage.

Middle Stage

The trick is to loosen up as play progresses. With fewer opponents, hopefully between five and eight, and with you having studied the game play of the remaining opponents play, you are in a very good position to dominate the game. Start taking the blinds of the tight players and focus on using aggression, not steep raising, to win the pots. Be sure to play only moderately aggressive at this point, however, as there is more play to come and counter bad beats.

Final Stage

At this point, everyone is holding back just hoping they can ride it out. Here, you must use a very aggressive strategy to force people into play. Attack every blind you can and those who are sitting back are likely to relent and give in for fear of losing their spot with Poker Online. Their fear is your key to slowly deplete the chips in their stack and ensure that you are the player to have the most left at the end of the game.

There are no guarantees in the world of poker, however, this is a very sound strategy that can be successfully employed for SNG games. Remember, start casually and increase in aggression as you move along.